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    Random BSOD's, glitches, freezes, TDR's playing Skyrim, medieval Total War, google maps, Youtube videos




      Windows 7 64 bits Home edition

      Ati Radeon HD 7750, driver updated (17.2.1 version)

      AMD Athlon II x2 250

      8gb RAM


      Been playing skyrim for more than 2 years and I've no issues. But recently it started to show graphical glitches:

      https://i.ytimg.com/vi/QUgPs1Tbgqw/maxresdefault.jpg (example)


      Then the bsod's started.

      I made a clean Windows 7 reinstall in another drive (new), full reinstall of drivers and skyrim itself


      Today, BSOD again.


      I ran Whocrashed an here's the report:

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      I know that it has little to do with the game itself, but its the one that triggers the BSOD



      Recently, before these problems started I bought 2 RAM sticks, just about a month ago, but I ran MEMtestx86 V4 edition and it showed not errors at all


      I also run furmark for about 1 minute, no errors

      Heaven benchmark, no errors


      I didn't do any overclock, never, and I've got this PC since 2010 so it's a bit old

      I should add that when I ran Memtest, it was just 1 pass, and i dont know if all 4 sticks are tested in that pass



      Many thanks for your help