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Will Radeon RX Vega support 10-bit color in OpenGL?

Question asked by felidire on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by bobsacamano

I'm wondering if the newer Radeon cards happen to support 10-bit OpenGL? If they did, I'd give the 1080Ti a miss, and probably forego GeForce cards altogether, as I can't justify purchasing a Quadro or FirePro when proper aRGB coverage (for work) and gaming are the only things I'm interested in. (Seems weird, only marketing 10-bit OpenGL support to large businesses, bundled with things (that most of us probably aren't interested in) which drastically ramps up the price).













I'm currently waiting for 1080Ti availability, knowing that it won't support my true 10-bit monitors (in OpenGL applications, like photoshop), which is a shame. It'd be nice to be given a reason to switch sides.