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RX 480 4gb Nitro Blackscreen and recovery

Question asked by fayme on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by calvinwong


i7 920

Acer FX58M

Coolermaster B500

Sapphire Radeon Rx 480 4gb Nitro OC


17.2.1 Driver

My monitor is set to 60hz at the moment, i have the same problems with 120hz and 144hz too.


I use this GPU around 4 months now. The first month my system ran under Windows 7 with the driver which came from the cd (16.9.2 i think)

with no problems. Upgrading to Win10 and newer drivers problems started. I deinstalled old drivers with DDU before using new ones.

While gaming or streaming my pc has a blackscreen which lasts for few seconds and then recovers. The Radeon Settings Application stops working too.

I have tried several Wattman Settings from other threads with the same problem (Setting the four last states to the max. gpu clock, lowering power limit -10%)

but nothing helps much. If if get a blackscreen, the Wattman Settings get reseted. If I try using the 16.9.2 driver from the cd which came with the gpu I suffer from constant

screen tearing and a short blackscreen everytime I try to access the Radeon Settings. Yesterday I clean installed Win10, again to no help. At the moment I´m using the 17.2.1 Driver.

I can live with having a short blackscreen which recovers when I´m not gaming, but while playing it`s not acceptable.