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Even with Freesync enabled i get massive screen tearing on Doom4 ***?

Question asked by sauron1 on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by redteam6

Hi guys so i've got a problem.

I have got a freesync monitor(samsung u28e590d) and it doesnt work at all with doom 4.In fact i get a massive screen tearing whenever i play single or multiplayer.I have tested it on other games and it works but on this one its a disaster.

I installed Doom 4 when the new drivers 17.3.2 were already installed on my pc so I cannot say if the older ones were better.

My gpu is a r9 fury,I menaged to set in game the fullscreen mode and vsync off.

My freesync range is 40-60 hz and in game on 4k resolution i get above 50-60 fps avg.

I dont know anymore what to do pls help me .