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R9 380x fan speed and clock at max out of nowhere

Question asked by hillelslovak87 on Mar 19, 2017


System above, swapped in 2-3tb Toshiba internal hard drives, an r9 380x gpu, Asrock H170m mobo, G Skill 16gb ddr4 ram, i5 6600 cpu.


I updated to the newest win10 build on the 17th. For some reason when I booted my pc up today, its really running hard. It usually idles at around 29-30c, but now the system is really running hard, witht he system and cpu temps at around 38 according to hwmonitor.


I think my graphics card, and XFX r9 380x 4gb model. For some reason, the gpu fan is running at idle at about 2650 rpm, and the temperature is at 63c. It was not like this last night, even while I was playing games, none of the parts in the pc were moved around, nor was the system even opened.


So, what is the most likely culprit?