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    R9 390 Sapphire Nitro Crash


      So I'm having a problem with my GPU, the R9 390 Sapphire Nitro unit. I have replaced all the drivers multiple times and all my computers software and BIOS systems are up to date, yet when doing the simplest of task, my computer will black screen, forcing me to hard reboot it. When I turn my computer back on, the Event Viewer hasn't recorded any error messages. I have been trying to troubleshoot this for weeks now and I'm really worried. The box calls for a 850 Watt power supply and that's what I have. When idling, the WattMan view in the Crimson software shows the card will spike in memory from 0-1500 MHz then back in a second. If I leave my computer for a while and come back and move my mouse it crashes sometimes. If I change the WattMan memory settings to go above about 1650 MHz, my computer will instantly crash. I'm just tired of this problem. Is my card bad? Do I not have enough power? Is the card using its memory incorrectly? Please help.

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          Same card

          Radeon Software Version

          17.3.1 Same crashing issue.Gonna try 17.3.2 soon.An see if the crashing continues.

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            i had some weird freezes in ghost recon wildlands i had not with 17.3.2, but i wasn't sure if it was caused by the new drivers. I'll try to revert to previous to see if the issue still happens.

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              Well i don't know what happened but i rolled back to 16.3.2.Reason Apparently i am no longer in DX12. do a search for DXDiag.exe an see if you are still on DX12.

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                I had the same issue and when I restored windows to a previous version everything worked ok.  As I reloaded the drivers the issue would come back.


                In my case I have been upgraded hardware like crazy to include cloning my OS to a new M.2 SSD I installed.  I narrowed it down to when the computer was connected to the internet.  Something was going on with Windows and the drivers.  I would get strobe light screens flickering and then all black screen.  I could see the mouse pointer move around the black screen, but that was it.  I had to reboot and all seemed ok until shebang!  It started again.


                I was using Windows 10 Home when this was happening and I had substantial hardware changes since this was installed to include the motherboard.  It may be that Windows was detecting a 'different' computer and thought I was pirating the OS and it caused this problem.  I had a Windows 10 Pro license and when I clean installed a fresh OS with a different key it all magically went away.  There is not substantial difference in Home and Pro that would have caused my issues.  If it happened on Home, and was a driver or hardware issue, it would have happened in Pro.  That tells me it was something else.


                Alternative to what I did was to just call Microsoft so they can 'unlock' your Windows product to work with what you have going on.