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My ASUS laptop has the incorrect driver for my AMD High DEfinition Sound Device and I currently have no sound. Itr used to say "Driver for AMD High Definition Audio Device," It now says driver for sound device.

Question asked by atimmons on Mar 19, 2017

  I’m using Windows  7 on my 4 year old Asus laptop. About a week ago I was playing with the mixer on my sound control (speaker icon), and while changing between Realtek High definition audio, AMD High Tech Audio and WS Audio Device I lost all sound on my laptop. According to the volume level thingy I still have sound. According to Winamp, I still have sound. According to every device including my audio drivers I still have sound. Yet I have no sound. So  I went to and the suggested I remove and re-install the drivers. I even asked, “When I do so where is Windows 7 going to go to get the new drivers?” They said, “Oh, it’ll automatically go to the website of the maker and download it.” So I removed the AMD High Tech Audio driver, and did a reboot. The bus then showed as an unknown audio device with no driver and Update Driver was greyed out. I then went to your website which downloaded a program that “auto-senses the minimal drivers needed.(OSGS14-WindowsUpgradeAssistant-32bitand64bit-ClientSKU-4141411.exe).” In Device Manager properties the bus now is shown in the Sound, video, and game controllers, but as a “High Definition Audio Device,” but not as an AMD device like it should. It is also using the Microsoft driver not yours, and I still have no sound! I think we’re heading in the right direction. We’re just not quite there yet. Please instruct me as to how to proceed. Please help.The silence is deafening!