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    My ASUS laptop has the incorrect driver for my AMD High DEfinition Sound Device and I currently have no sound. Itr used to say "Driver for AMD High Definition Audio Device," It now says driver for sound device.


        I’m using Windows  7 on my 4 year old Asus laptop. About a week ago I was playing with the mixer on my sound control (speaker icon), and while changing between Realtek High definition audio, AMD High Tech Audio and WS Audio Device I lost all sound on my laptop. According to the volume level thingy I still have sound. According to Winamp, I still have sound. According to every device including my audio drivers I still have sound. Yet I have no sound. So  I went to Microsoft.com and the suggested I remove and re-install the drivers. I even asked, “When I do so where is Windows 7 going to go to get the new drivers?” They said, “Oh, it’ll automatically go to the website of the maker and download it.” So I removed the AMD High Tech Audio driver, and did a reboot. The bus then showed as an unknown audio device with no driver and Update Driver was greyed out. I then went to your website which downloaded a program that “auto-senses the minimal drivers needed.(OSGS14-WindowsUpgradeAssistant-32bitand64bit-ClientSKU-4141411.exe).” In Device Manager properties the bus now is shown in the Sound, video, and game controllers, but as a “High Definition Audio Device,” but not as an AMD device like it should. It is also using the Microsoft driver not yours, and I still have no sound! I think we’re heading in the right direction. We’re just not quite there yet. Please instruct me as to how to proceed. Please help.The silence is deafening!