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Colour streaks, black screen and crash

Question asked by jgg1988bcn on Mar 19, 2017

Good night guys.


Yesterday I was playing a computer game, suddenly my screen turned black and crashed, not allowing me doing anything, so i forced my pc to shut down pressing the power button.  Then when i boot the pc, when im on the windows 8 icon loading, screen turns black. I fixed, was because the drivers were installed, uninstalled it in safe mode and no more black screen, but have some colour streaks on the screen. Tried to install the drivers, black screen again, tried to install old drivers, black screen again... so is imposible install any driver because the screen turns black and crash, is not only black screen, is always black screen + crash. I guess that my video card is dying but I dont understand why it works without drivers,  and with driver just fail... I reinstalled windows and the problems still there. Move ram slots with no succes. Whats going on? I really need help from someone who understand about hardware I'm using windows 8.1 with Sapphire HD 7850 2 GB.

EDIT: I'm using DVI on graphic card and HDMI with the display. I tried a HDMI cable ( both sides uses HDMI ) and the screen is blacn, no signal, tried with another display and its the same, using HDMI cable doesnt work, but with dvi-hdmi it work ( without drivers only )


Thank you so much


Here is a pic of my screen.