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Crash on wake from sleep or shutdown.

Question asked by krispykrisps on Mar 19, 2017

I've been getting this weird error message whenever I open my PC from sleep or when I try to shut my PC down. An error message appears and, if I don't notice it cuz I shut off my monitor, my PC tries to go into sleep mode in the process of shutting down and crashes windows. It also resets all Wattman settings but only rarely. Kinda annoying.


"(Waiting for) A dummy window

This program is preventing Windows from shutting down


A dummy window: RadeonSettings.exe - Application Error

The instruction at 0x68872924 referenced memory at 0x00000038. The memory could not be read.


Click on OK to terminate the program

Click on Cancel to debug the program"


The error first started appearing after upgrading my graphics card from a hd 7850 to a 480. I used the recommended driver uninstaller and followed all the steps to uninstall, then reinstall the graphics driver. The first time the error happened, I had to recover windows and redo all the work I just did. I've tried upgrading my drivers, reinstalling my drivers, rolling back my drivers, using windows drive checker, and using windows registry checker but nothing worked. Windows is updated to the latest version. Next time my PC crashes, I'll upload the dump file. Any ideas?


Win 7 64-bit

i5 2500k

MSI RX 480 8GB