Ryzen 1700 Temperatures and Asus Prime B350-Plus

Discussion created by gkeawe on Mar 19, 2017
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The Asus Prime B350-Plus current BIOS is 0503. Ryzen Master reports idle temperatures around 31-34C when Windows 10 power option is set to high performance, even lower when the "balanced" power plan is selected, the temperatures appear to be stable with no spikes in voltage or temperatures. I have an i7-4790K system that idles around 31-34C in high performance mode using a Corsair H100i v2 water cooler, so I am impressed at the 1700's temperatures on air.


I am pleasantly surprised how smooth Windows 10 and applications run using the Ryzen 1700. I will be testing the 1700 and VMWare Workstation 12.5.4 build-5192485 when I get more time. As for now, a clean install of Window 10 Pro was performed on an Intel 750 PCIe SSD. Windows updates were installed, followed by the AM4 chipset driver.