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    Possibility on turning off notifications?


      Greetings. I recently aquired a Radeon HD 5450 on a win7 32bit system, downloaded and installed the 16.2.1 Crimson beta package through the AMD website, which to my understanding is the final available update to legacy cards like this one. A week or so in, I get this update notification to 17.2.1 ReLive as I turn the computer on, figured that even if I tried it wouldn't update, still tried it on a whim and I was right, 16.2.1 is still the last thing and I can't update any further. And that's fine.


      Problem is, I keep getting the annoying notification popup every single time I turn my computer on now, and even after deactivating the AMD Updater task on the scheduler, I still get the prompt to update. I read that this is a common bug on the 16.2.1 notes, but I see no way to turn the notification off permanently. Is there some fix or workaround available that I can do to kill this notification once and for all, or am I destined to see this thing as I turn the PC on for eternity?


      Thanks in advance.