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    Additional Settings cannot be started for BenQ XL2411 (17.3.2)


      I'm on 17.3.2 drivers, Radeon 7950, windows10. I have a Benq 2450HM connected with HDMI and a Benq XL2411 connected with DVI-D, both are recognized by windows correctly. The latter is my main monitor. If I leave both plugged in, I can enter additional settings but I will only have 2450hm options available. If I disconnect it and leave plugged in just the XL, I get an error saying: "Radeon Additional Settings cannot be started, there are currently no settings that can be configured using Radeon Additional Settings." Is this problem driver related? I had to update to this version because the one I had before wouldn't even let me select 144hz from the advanced monitor options inside windows, I only had 60hz before upgrading to this driver version.