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Additional Settings cannot be started for BenQ XL2411 (17.3.2)

Question asked by andreamit on Mar 19, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by kingfish

I'm on 17.3.2 drivers, Radeon 7950, windows10. I have a Benq 2450HM connected with HDMI and a Benq XL2411 connected with DVI-D, both are recognized by windows correctly. The latter is my main monitor. If I leave both plugged in, I can enter additional settings but I will only have 2450hm options available. If I disconnect it and leave plugged in just the XL, I get an error saying: "Radeon Additional Settings cannot be started, there are currently no settings that can be configured using Radeon Additional Settings." Is this problem driver related? I had to update to this version because the one I had before wouldn't even let me select 144hz from the advanced monitor options inside windows, I only had 60hz before upgrading to this driver version.