R9 290 dvi connected monitor is not detected

Discussion created by kuzzman on Mar 18, 2017

I have a similar problem to described here DVI not working with R9 390

I have two displays: Dell p2314h connected via dvi and Sony kdl 43wd753 tv connected via hdmi. Somehow dell monitor is became not detected. If i reboot pc it will work fine till windows 10 logo and then just gone with "no signal". It also work fine with uninstalled amd drivers, but after driver installation issue appears once again.

I have a workarond:

1) connect sony tv to the previously used for dell monitor dvi port (via hdmi to dvi adapter)

2) then disconnect it and put back to the hdmi port

3) connect dell to that dvi port

After those manipulations it will work fine till there will be no signal to the monitor (after inactivity or if just power off it) and it becomes not detected again.

My english is not so good and issue may be not clear with my description, so please read linked above question - I have the very same problem. EDID for both displays were requested there, so I've apploaded it too:

works fine: Dropbox - SONY_KDL_43WD753.bin

don't work: Dropbox - dell_p2314h.bin


Thanks in advance!