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HDMI Output on latest drivers, Win7 "Device is in use by another application."

Question asked by amdhatescustomers on Mar 18, 2017
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Once again, another of these threads about the atrocious experience on Windows 7 using official drivers, the latest version and 9 historical ones.


I've read each thread available via Google search to its end and tried all recommended solutions (checkboxes, uninstall, reinstall, custom install, custom latest-video + older-audio install..), all of them having absolutely no effect. I now have a $200 piece of silicon and PCB and a build on indefinite hold.


This is above and beyond the most hilariously flippant customer "support" paradigm I have ever had the shortsightedness to subject myself to.


When your ONLY method of initiating a professional level of support is via an automated email system that takes over 72 hours to ask 3 questions and determine your hardware, that's abysmal enough.


AMD takes this audacity even further by asking you to "Make a post in the forums" and abide by the myriad of post requirements, lest your support request be deleted.


Imagine being told to make a forum post for an appliance like an oven.....


You sell patented hardware and closed source software for hundreds of dollars and when you screw up your end of the bargain, its forum rules and message board quality service for your customers! Is this the same kind of tripe you put new Ryzen owners through?



What an absolutely grand illusion of "concern". Anybody getting paid to maintain this affront to paying customers - if they have the brain capacity for empathy left over after whatever backflips of reasoning they employ to do this job every day - should be immensely ashamed.


Was excited to hear whispers of Open/Libreboot support in the future but now...


I'll be publicly destroying my $200 useless piece of junk


vehemently discouraging anyone I meet from using AMD


and purchasing an NVidia card, because right on their support site is a link to chat with a support specialist immediately.


Don't bother with support ticket 8200732345.


Good riddance.