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RX460 multiple issues

Question asked by fersloth on Mar 18, 2017

Hello everyone, recently I've bought an SSD (SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB) and a new graphics card: Gigabyte RX460 2GB. Both were acquired 1~2 weeks ago. Before that I had a GT220. So, specs first:



PSU: 500W 80+


RAMS: 2x2GB DDR3 1333MHz Kingston (Soon upgrading it to 2x4GB DD3 1333MHz)

CPU: i3 530 @ 2.93 Ghz (default)

HDDS: Old Samsumg 1TB HDD, brand new SSD mentioned above

OS: Win7 Ultimate S1 64 bit



What's happening?



With the RX460 attached, multiple issues all across the board:


Can't even reinstall any windows properly (screen just freezes during installation) sometimes I wont even be able to delete partitions.

Sometimes the screen  will randomly start freezing and my ssd active time just get to 100% and I cant even use it from there.

I get very frequent BSOD's with KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR

I get ramdomly messages with AMD display driver has stopped working

Sometimes, after rebooting I would get "A disk read error ocurred / Press ctrl alt del to restart" - which would be solved after 3-4 tries


I'm almost pulling my hair off cause this is really frustrating. The 100% disk activity is due to System (as displayed on perfmon.exe /res). From there stuff just starts lagging, mouse starts jumping and everything get in a Not responding state, which leads to a BSOD.


What I've tried so far:


Change TdrDelay on registry - didn't solve

Change to Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10  - didn't solve

Reinstall drivers  - didn't solve

sfcscan  - didn't solve

Swap ram sticks over the slots, alone or together  - didn't solve

Memtest86, over 2~ hours of test, 0 errors - didn't solve

Installing ALL available windows updates - didn't solve

Update BIOS to latest version  - didn't solve

Test multiple ram voltages  - didn't solve

Install OS on AHCI or IDE  - didn't solve

Swap SATA cables and ports  - didn't solve

Checking with chkdsk /r /f  - didn't solve

Overheating is out of question, I monitored that closely with Riva and HWinfo, card never went above 50C


So, what did in a certain way gave me some light:


When I was getting multiple BSODs, like, 3 mins in and BSOD, booting in safe mode, in which would set me back to Standard intel vga adapter I had no problems at all, it did run perfectly to it's limitations, what I get from it, is that it is a driver issue, but more than it  -explained below-

Swapping back to GT220 and drivers woud give me no issues at all too, I'm highlighting this because, mind-boggling enough, I had to set my GT220 on to reinstall Windows (I cannot do it with the RX460 attached)

Rolling back to driver version 17.2.1 gave me a 3-day peace period, then it all started happening again, like a nightmare.


If anyone can tell me anything that could work I really really appreciate it, thanks!


What is really mind boggling to me is that, why do I keep having troubles with the card even at the Windows setup after I format the OS partitions?. Why I can have 3-4 days with no problems at all and then, randomly stuff starts to cramble?  Why do I only get Disk read errors when I have the RX460 on?


This situation deeply saddens me, I simply don't know what to do anymore.