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    Hello! I want a graphic card to my Mac Pro 2012.


      I wonder if this card supports MacOS? http://www.sapphiretech.com/productdetial.asp?Pid=8520865A-7E5A-4F55-B09A-D6C449EF7F8C&tag=download&lang=eng It seems to be very hard to get a card with the right soft ware for Apples computers. I don´t understand why it isn´t interesting to manufacture modern graphic cards for Mac owners.


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      Pär from Sweden

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          Mac Machines have a hardtime supporting amd hardware because amd focuses most of their time on the windows OS and MAC hardware and its OEM motherboards does not play nice with AMD at all.


          If you are looking for a comfortable gaming experience, you can get a custom built pc built for around 600-800 usd by getting a mid range gpu like the rx 470(which might be even cheaper with a limited-time price drop comming when the 500 rx series are released) and getting a powerful, and affordable ryzen 5 CPU that will release on april 11th to pair with a motherboard that supports ddr4ram and AM4 chipset.


          A beautiful mid range gaming system that can run all of your favourite games at 60-144+ fps.