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    Is it right time to buy AM4 motherboards?


      I thought AM4 will support but APU and CPU types. But current motherboards do not have any video/HDMI ports. So they will never support APUs. (at least not if you want to use the iGPU)


      I like the idea of supporting both types. Because I would have option to use an external GPU or not. One day I may want to buy a new motherboard and sell the old one with an APU for example while keeping my external GPU. Maybe I turn an older motherboard into a HTPC with an APU in future (currently I use an APU for HTPC). There are many ways to benefit from this compatibility.


      What I am wondering is, if this AM4 supporting both types was a pipe dream? or will it ever come? If it will, I would rather wait...

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          A 'pipe dream' most likely. Hardware manufacturers like amd and intel are stepping away from APU since having an external gpu is getting more affordable and doesnt take away their R&D for more desirable products like New cpus and New gpus.


          APU are pretty much obsolute and are too weak to keep up with modern gaming. Sorry but it is true...



          As for it being the right time to buy am4 motherboards...Kinda if they are in stock. The sweetspot to buy the new boards will be when amd releases the ryzen 3 series and the BIOS version won't get so many needed updates and be polished and have less problems.

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              ibanggpu I can't tell if you are joking or serious. Your answer does not sound like based on any factts. APUs have many other purposes than gaming. So you think that all future laptops will have separate CPU + GPU in future? That just makes no sense. As a matter of fact, low power mobile systems are what most people are going after today and that caused the desktop market to shrink. Totally reverse of what you are thinking.


              Actually, I just realized at least one board has DP/HDMI connector asus prime x370 pro. I just dont get with what logic manufacturers do not put these ports to all motherboards (besides saving tiny amounts of money). Now there will be fragmentation between AM4 motherboards which can accept APUs and which can't. So you will have to check you buy the right AM4 motherboard which supports an APU when you buy one.

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              Lots of the new AM4 motherboards have support for APUs and will be compatible with Raven Ridge released later this year. The MSI x370 XPOWER and x370 Gaming Pro Carbon, Asus x370 Prime, Biostar's x370GT5, Gigabyte's GA-AX370 Gaming 5 and 7 just to name a few.

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                Some of the current motherboards already have video output, so they do support APU's


                But for me, I feel the current motherboards are not up to the level I was expecting, Ryzen deserves more.


                Plus, as a first patch for the launch. some have some issues, some need more refinement, even AMD is still working on Ryzen's microcode so their will be multiple BIOS updates.


                That's why from my personal perspective I think waiting for the patch 2 of these motherboards, which should be more refined, adding more features after seeing the market demand of Ryzen ( which deserves more that current range of motherboards ).