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Is it right time to buy AM4 motherboards?

Question asked by yurtesen on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by yurtesen

I thought AM4 will support but APU and CPU types. But current motherboards do not have any video/HDMI ports. So they will never support APUs. (at least not if you want to use the iGPU)


I like the idea of supporting both types. Because I would have option to use an external GPU or not. One day I may want to buy a new motherboard and sell the old one with an APU for example while keeping my external GPU. Maybe I turn an older motherboard into a HTPC with an APU in future (currently I use an APU for HTPC). There are many ways to benefit from this compatibility.


What I am wondering is, if this AM4 supporting both types was a pipe dream? or will it ever come? If it will, I would rather wait...