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9590 Locking up Help please

Question asked by xtremegamersstudios on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by xtremegamersstudios

Here is the problems I keep having Freezing. for some reason my temps stay at 30c to 26c even when i am gaming but for some reason the fahrenheit goes to about 104F to about 108 Then the computers Locks up and I am not able to use it anymore i have to reboot right the fahrenheit it on 89F but the temper on the celsius never goes up at all it only stays at 26C to 30 never goes over at all. I run the H100I -v2 watercooling from corsair and this just started happening. about a few days ago and I thinking of just get with the 3850 fx right I dont have the cash to put into another computer at the moment. i really need this one to work with out this happening. can I have the best thoughts on this please this takes away video production on my end it because of this locking up on me. Thanks for reason hope to see you in the comments below