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    How will Intel respond to the Ryzen 5 family?


      Intel finally got knocked out from their high perch, and the longer you fall, the more it hurts.


      I honestly don't see them having a monopoly over cpus anymore with the entry level cpu ryzen 5 series being the perfect match to a mid-range gpu like the rx 470,rx 480, gtx 970, etc.


      Intel currently doesnt have a viable solution for giving a mid range gpu and mid-range cpu that won't bottleneck it, their 400-600$ cpus are defeated by the affordable ryzen 5 series for mid range systems.



      I fail to see how AMD will not dominate the market when spring  (the unofficial season to upgrade your system) comes. If someone is upgrading for a state of the art mid-range computer, why would they not want their cpu of choice to be from the ryzen 5 family to pair with their mid-range gpu?