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    r7 m460 recognizing problem


      Hi, I just bought my new laptop last week.


      My laptop is Lenovo Ideapad 510s and it has R7 M460.


      But here is the problem. When I install the latest crimson driver, Crimson settings recognized my graphic as R7 M360.


      I know m460 is revised version for m360 but crimson driver should recognize graphics correctly.


      I already read same question in this forum and also checked device manager.


      But still, there is R7 M360 in device manager.


      If I install old driver(like crimson 16.3), then it works well(recognized as M460).


      And I can pretty assure that it's not drivers problem(I tried several times with various versions of crimson driver).


      Can you solve this problem?

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          Possibly, but it may involve install the original OEM drivers that came with your laptop, then installing the latest compatible Crimson drivers from the AMD website.


          The device ID was likely updated as the products are identical but just rebranded. Clock speed and performance will remain unchanged, so you can safely ignore it.

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