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ryzen not working

Question asked by slayer071680 on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by ajlueke

K, I literally have had 2 asrock motherboards (2 different ones) and 2 1800x cpus sent to me. I have 4 different ddr4 sticks of ram, 2 psu's, and everything is literally brand new. when i first got my cpu, motherboard and components i hooked it all up and nothing happened. the bios didn't even boot up on the computer. so just in case i did something wrong, i took it to a computer repair shop. they said that the psu and ram was fine but they could not check motherboard or cpu because they didn't have any as ryzen products were so new. they said the problem was either motherboard or cpu.
so i sent back the motherboard and it was out of stock so i bought another motherboard off of newegg. the first was a x370 and the second was a b350. both asrock. second motherboard came in mail, i hooked it up, nothing happened. so i figured that it was the cpu, amazon expedited second chip (i still have both chips and will send first one back, but not till i get this diagnosed). and put second cpu in computer, nothing happened. so i went to best buy today and bought 2 more sticks of ram just to check to see if it was the ram. nothing. i swapped power supply's. nothing. i took motherboard out of case and rested it on box just in case something was grounding out. nothing. i also swapped ram stick configuration around, nothing happened. i also also reset the cmos jumpers, nothing happened.
so i literally don't know what to do!! i made a video of this and will attach it to here. i tried attaching hdmi and dvi cords to monitor and nothing happens. i noticed it seems like the motherboard is resetting itself. like it powers on and off but nothing posts on the screen. i sincerely think the bios is messed up on both motherboards but cannot figure out how to prove this or fix it. as i can't even get on a display to flash the bios!!
i am hoping that someone from amd see's this and helps!! newegg literally doesn't pay for return shipping for defective products (amazon does) and most of the stuff i bought has been off of newegg. and i really want my ryzen pc to work. I am currently going to school for IT-software development and IT-mobile app development (i am duel majoring), i plan on using my pc to run a light server, to use it for 3d rendering (for classes that teach how to build video games and for various other tasks) and plan on using it for gaming (as it will be an all around pc). i don't have a lot of money and a blew a decent portion of my budget on building this pc. (i sold my other pc, it was also a gaming pc that had an amd 8320 cpu and 2 r9 380's crossfired, i sold it for 750 and it paid for roughly half of this build, but i am out a decent computer now). So anyways, with sending a single motherboard back to newegg is 20 bucks. if i send another it will be another 20. if i send other parts it will start to rack up. i don't know what else to do? after literally 2 motherboards and 2 cpu's and all these new parts and nothing working. i am at a complete loss.
btw, i work in telemarketing, i have 4 herniated disks in my neck, i got hit in the face with a baseball bat for protecting a girl who was getting beat up. i have a metal plate in my face from this incident. i cannot physically work hard physical labor any more (which is what i have done most my life) so hence why i am going to school for IT. and being able to run a light server and utilize the things i planned with this ryzen build would definitely help me get a start. however, without having this good work computer, i won't be able to do what i planned. make a long story short, i really really really need this pc to work. so can someone please help me!!!!

this thing won't let me post the video i made of this thing not booting up!!!