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A letter of Praise to AMD from a Canadian

Question asked by ibanggpu on Mar 16, 2017
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I am not good with words so I will keep this simple and short.


Canada is going through an economic shift as we are looking for new markets to improve our economy and cope with our horrible dollar of 0.75 cad= 1 usd With prices being so bad, a USD budget for a mid-endcomputer would be a CAD Budget for a low-end computer if the ratio was 1:1 (500 usd, then 500 CAD).



and computer building prices for canadians sky rocketed because of this, so it was nice having affordable,compentent hardware from amd.


I mean for 600 CAD I could play overwatch at 144+ fps on low settings with 1080 or 1440p  with an rx 470 and an fx 8350 paired with at least 2400 mhz ddr3 ram which is extremely attractive for systems striving for esport-performance benchmarks.


Thank you AMD for sticking with your philsophy of affordable,powerful gaming and not giving up and submitting to your competitiors like Nividea/Intel. The fact that AMD did not get outcompeted by nividea and intel is worth some praise. Nividea specializes in GPU and focuses their R&D soley on GPU; and Intel specializes in CPU,who therefore allocated a lot of their resources to R&D better CPUs.


Then we have AMD who produces both CPU and GPU, which is A LOT on their plate since they dont have the luxury of specializing in a single type of hardware like intel/nividea. AMD had to invest R&D on GPU tech and CPU tech  while making sure motherboards had their cpu chipsets,

WHILE making sure their GPU had proper drivers. WHILE making sure motherboard BIOS and Windows played nice with their CPUS and GPU

is a huge ordeal.


The fact that AMD never wiped out from the competition, and is actually starting to dominate the competition instead of being second best shows that AMD really does have the best of the best Employees who are high functioning,passionate and succeed with their powerful personalities.


I know this was cheesey but thank you for letting me afford a system to play a game with enough performance to allow me to play said game at a professional level (Grandmaster on overwatch).