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    Why should I buy the ryzen 1800x or 1700x when the 1700 only has 15-20% less performance at stock speeds?


      I think amd is running into another rx 470 vs rx 480 stituation except the weaker hardware is better to buy due to much lower prices and a small performance decrease that can be fixed with some tweaks.



      Oh well, I recrommend the 1700 to my friends because it is the most bang for your buck and has less reported issues than the 1700's Little sisters.

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          because the high end is the range where type works, open to over clocking or not. the middle end and middle braq are for ppl who want to overclock. meaning this:


          if you bye anything on high end spectrum, you do not over clock, if you need to save money or are an overclocking user, you go to the middle point range and find the one processor that does it, that is the 1700. it is intend for those who know what they are doing to overclock their range and sit at something like 1700xe, that means 1700 range, type, and unit, @ level line grade and performance. the "e" means extended, extended range from to is this: 1700 - oc -> 1700x = 1700xe. you are where you are except you are not, and you are still close enough, other wise; its just a mid range platform for price conservative users.



          i wouldnt place the 470 and the 480 in the same margin. polaris difference between those 2 type is a whole step between with a difference buffer of over 1000 alphbda. 100000 igdec @ 1 nearest whole integer value range rate over thorough. what does that mean, its like 1 whole ghz in difference between type at is data transmission from buck, to albda (page) to thembd(gate) to thorough to out(strict).

          that means the 480 is capable of calculating and moving 1 billion times more data per ms @ ns seek than the 470. the 480 is much more suited towards long spans amount of data thorough over the 470 in short burst mode. in mode the 470 is still just as capable of data rate thorough page as the 480, except there is a cap on the process itself to limit page access to a rate around 10 billion triliflops per transanction per second over the gate thorough through pass. so for every pass, the 470 is just like the 480, minus a sinc in place to move gate to page to rate at rate in thorough. what does that mean? the 480 pulls more data over bus than the 470 hands down to 1 illi sync per second to 1 gigedec sync second over the page secam than the 470. the 470 is capable of those rates on the off sync pass, not the thorough up on processor clock rate tick second pass.

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            1700 is a damn fine processor for the money without a doubt. However the truth is when you make a CPU every one produced is not exactly the same as the next one, when the cpu is first tested after production they determine the performance of the cpu. The weaker ones are micro coded as a 1700, the mid range coded as a 1700X then the best silicon is micro coded as a 1800X. A 1800X will clock faster then a 1700X and a 1700X will clock faster then the 1700.


            Even within the 1800X family there will be a better 1800X then it's brother. Called the silicon lottery.


            So you buy a 1800X if you want the higher clocks (faster CPU) for 500 bucks. If you don't care you buy the 1700.

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