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R9 Fury Nitro Powertune issue

Question asked by kneepel on Mar 16, 2017

Hi, like a lot of people I hopped on the R9 Fury bandwagon and have been loving this card, except when it comes to overclocking.  Whenever I try to apply an overclock, it always seems to downclock to around 974mhz in games when it hits the 67-68c range despite me having a power limit of +50%, target temp of 85c, 'unofficial overclock mode (without powerplay support)' toggled in afterburner and my secondary bios toggled on the card (blue LED on). It even seems to downclock sometimes at default clocks/voltages, and the most success I've had so far is 1050/500 at -72mV.



Things I've tried so far to get this damn thing to not downclock:


  • Clockblocker with every mode possible (adl, reliable, combined)
  • Set 3D and 2D profiles in afterburner
  • Flashed BIOS to 300w tdp limit
  • Tried Strixx instead of afterburner
  • Set every powermode in Wattman to 1100mhz (it will just downclock to 300mhz instead of 974mhz lol)





I honestly have no idea, the card runs fantastically at my current settings but I would like to try and resolve this issue just so I know I can squeeze that extra few percent points out of the card.



Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: Using Windows 10 (anniversary update), running crimson 17.3.1