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Will AMD comment on the validity of the claims being made by missing AM4 motherboard fiasco?

Question asked by pmurphy881 on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2017 by theacclaimed

Legit Reviews posted an article not long ago speaking about the lack of availability of AM4 motherboards and placed the blame solely on AMD.   I would really like to know if AMD is willing to comment on what happened and why there are still people who have placed pre-orders for the Ryzen 7 chips that still don't have motherboards to run these chips.  I realize that normally the line of questioning would be propositioned to the MOBO manufacturers.  That being said though considering it appears to be all the manufacturers and the article being published by, I would like to know if AMD can give some additional insight as to what's happening.


The article in question is listed here.

One Motherboard Maker Explains Why AMD AM4 Boards Are Missing - Legit Reviews