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zen 1800x msi carbon x370 32gb ram

Question asked by gunstarrhero on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2017 by theacclaimed

i just installed an amd zen 1800x on a msi carbon x370 mobo and my computer shuts off unexpectedly between boot and run, at bios after initial run; thereafter. there was a sync problem on graphics end windows 8.1 and a few moments later the computer shut off. im not sure if this is a heat sync(sinc) problem or if there is a float issue on dide @ bus or on bus. the memory bundle for this type is hyper x ddr4 2400. i am utilizing 32 gb of ram. my water cooloing unit does not fit this specific board cut near dide @ slot. im running initial without cooling solution for the 1800x, no heat sinc, bare bones. i do not intend to run this processor without water cooling and need to find a mounting bracket for the water cooling unit head to dide face, ultimately i am checking around for the supposed amd fix for win 10 and i believe win 8.1? without thermal satisfaction how long can the zen 1800x actually run before overheat and trip to off state? i do not expect to use the compy for more than maybe 30 min, just to install drivers and test zen once in any probable application such as heaven benchmark.