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Custom Resolutions not working since 17.2.1

Question asked by doothe on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by doothe

According to ToastyX


"17.2.1-17.3.2 has an issue with EDID overrides not loading on startup.


Workaround: Toggling GPU scaling will load the EDID override, but this has to be done after every reboot."


     The problems gets worse when you have multiple monitors attached to different GPUs. I use my R9 390 attached to one overclocked monitor -- in order to prevent my memory from maxing out 24/7. Ever since this update my custom refresh rates are not showing up after rebooting.


      I then toggle GPU Scaling to fix Custom Refresh Rates not showing up in Window's Display Settings. After toggling and selecting my custom refresh rate I can't get my GPU's memory to downclock until I toggle gpu scaling at least one or two more times. I really wish this issue had been resolved by now.



Is anyone else in the same position and have they found a more successful/permanent solution then toggling willy nilly?


My specs are:


               FX-8350, R9 390(17.3.2), GT 620(378.78).