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    Help with problem after update to crimson


      Ok guys, my head is on fire right now cos i have been dealing with this since some time now.. first my stuff


      sapphire radeon hd 7750

      8 gb ram

      windows 7 64bits

      amd fx 4100

      soo.. after update a few things start to happend


      1/ radeon settings bottom buttons not working> simple, you click on them and nothing happend


      2 80% of games have texture missing or partial missing, meshes broken, xcom 2 for ex, fallout 4..


      Did i make a clean installation? uff. yes, all app u recommend.. soooooooooooooooo clean i format c: and reinstall windows 7.. again..

      someone said to use a less updated drivers, im going to try that, but if u can help me with something less rustic please im on my kness