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Support for R9 270X on Ubuntu 16.04.2LTS

Question asked by rvboutin on Mar 16, 2017
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I am slightly confused by various forums I have looked at. This is the kind of post that confuses me: AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 Linux Driver Finally Adds AMD Radeon HD 7xxx/8xxx Support

It says: "AMDGPU-PRO graphics driver for Linux-based operating systems, version 16.60, introducing support for older AMD Radeon GPUs from the GNC 1.0 / Southern Islands family." and the R9 270X is a GNC 1.0 / Southern Islands family GPU, and the R9 M270X is supported from what I found on the AMD website! The R7 250 (a lower end GPU) is also supported by the AMDGPU native driver.

In short, I am doing scientific research and need to run software on Linux (preferentially Ubuntu) and have OpenGL working. With the previous version of Ubuntu (I am currently on 12.04.5LTS), I had to have the fglrx driver installed otherwise I was getting OpenGL errors on my software and images were not displaying at all in the software although the display, desktop and other software were working OK.

I have invested in new cards in various PC including a R9 270X. Will OpenGL work OK with the native AMDGPU drivers provide natively with Ubuntu 16.04LTS? Or do I need to install the AMDGPR-PRO driver? Although from what I have found so far, the R9 270X does not seem to be supported? Is that right? If so, is it going to be supported in the near future?

If not, would it be better to purchase Pro card? Would they be supported longer? I do not need very high end card and I prefer to spend my budget on actual research than on graphic cards every 3 years...

Thanks for your help all!!