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Frame Rate Target Control not sticking (7.3.1)

Question asked by zak707 on Mar 15, 2017

Using drivers 7.3.1 on an R9-290. I have to set a frame rate target for some application, for example Path Of Exile just goes nuts even with vsync if not limited. However, the setting I do 66fps (a touch above what the vsync setting should do in game) is not sticking as soon as I close Radeon Settings. The option stay enabled but the value reset to 144?


Also the control settings app crash often upon closing (hitting the X in the upper right corner, for instance) and yet even when it does not the setting do not stick for the game I set it. So only way to use that now, is to open Settings, click gaming, wait for it make game list, go to the desired game, set the value and leave settings window open while playing. Repeat next day or for other application I wish to use this feature.


Anyone else with this? I searched but thread on similar issue are couple months back on other driver version.