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    RX470 always 0% (games run at fine fps), driver stop working sometimes


      Recently (3 days) i bought a new pc, fx8350-rx470-asrock 970-a-g/3.1  i've installed windows 10 on it and ok, overwatch, league of legends, watch dogs, sleeping dogs, path of exile, amnesia, all runs at fine fps. but as i tried to check the components ingame with msi afterburner i saw my gpu always at 0%, sometimes it go up a bit, and sometimes to 100% but most of the time 0%, it occurs on amd wattman too. farcry3 is impossible to run for more than one minute without crashing the pc. Then i installed windows 7 and still 0%, farcry bugs even more, i cant even open it the driver "stop working and recover succesfully".  Could this be a manufacturing defect of the GPU? i use driver 17.2.1 and when i try to install 17.3.1 with radeon settings nothing happens.


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          I am posting to get your problem more awareness.


          One tip I can give you is to look at your average gpu usage, not its peak usage or lowest usage. Because gpu usage goes up and down a lot so the average tells you how much it is really being used.


          In WATTMAN I would increase your power efficency to +50 so your card doesnt power throttle. It doesnt increase the cards 110-150 watt TPD


          but just makes sure your card gets enough power to use all of its features.



          Edit: Tell me what your frequency of ddr3 ram is. It can bottleneck your system.

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              i have a brand new pc, but the memories are 1 ddr3 1333mhz 4gb and other ddr3 1333mhz 2gb i used to use them in my old pc 4 years old, its not even dual channel, can it bottleneck?

              (currently im waiting for my new memories to arrive)

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                  IDK about your rx 470 problems, but your 1333 mhz ram WILL botteneck your fps on modern online games, ESPECIALLY overwatch.


                  I ran my ram speed at 1334mhz for overwatch and I got a peak of 102 fps and a minimum of 40 fps, sound familiar to yours? Your set up should be running overwatch at 120+fps even during heavy load on high settings with some tweaks. I run overwatch on low with 100% render scale and it looks fine to me at least.


                  I upgraded to 2400mhz 8gb ram and my fps went from 40-50 fps during action to 120+ fps during action.

                  2400 mhz ddr3 ram is cheap also, just make sure you force your motherboard to run ram at that speed if it is being stupid and downgrading your ram. So it does bottleneck your system, lots of other players reported this as well and upgraded their ram speeds, take a quick look at this thread for proof: 64hz tick, and how to gain FPS with new RAM!! - Overwatch Forums


                  Tip for overwatch: I would recrommend turning off dynamic reflections,local fog quality and ambulent occulations to low/off they barely affect the game and eat up fps for no reason. Make sure your texture quality is high,texture filtering is on 16x EPIC SMAA on High not ultra since smaa high is better than ultra. These settings only take away minimal fps and  each  make your game beautiful while not killing your fps.

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                Hey kachaaaan,


                According to everything stated above, there appears to be a correlation between MSI Afterburner and the issues you are experiencing. Although, I can't definitively state that this is the cause of the issue, it seems to be the best place to begin troubleshooting. So I recommend that you first completely uninstall MSI Afterburner, as well as RivaTunerStatisticsServer for troubleshooting purposes, then run the AMD Uninstall utility to remove your drivers, when prompted to restart, select restart later, then run DDU in safe mode, after which it will reboot once more. After running DDU in safe mode and you have rebooted into Windows, install your drivers once again and then restart. Reference the documents I have linked below for assistance during the process if needed.


                After you have achieved this, conduct some real world tests in the titles that you were experiencing issues to see if this has resolved the issue. If you are still experiencing the same behavior after attempting everything above, report back and we'll continue troubleshooting the issue. Remember, do not reinstall MSI Afterburner again, until it is determined that it isn't the root of the issue.


                Here are some helpful documents to assist you during the process below.

                Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

                Fixes for common AMD graphics driver problems


                Have a nice day.

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                  Try to enable this option in afterburner :

                  "enable unified gpu usage monitoring"