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RX470 always 0% (games run at fine fps), driver stop working sometimes

Question asked by kachaaaan on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2017 by ibanggpu

Recently (3 days) i bought a new pc, fx8350-rx470-asrock 970-a-g/3.1  i've installed windows 10 on it and ok, overwatch, league of legends, watch dogs, sleeping dogs, path of exile, amnesia, all runs at fine fps. but as i tried to check the components ingame with msi afterburner i saw my gpu always at 0%, sometimes it go up a bit, and sometimes to 100% but most of the time 0%, it occurs on amd wattman too. farcry3 is impossible to run for more than one minute without crashing the pc. Then i installed windows 7 and still 0%, farcry bugs even more, i cant even open it the driver "stop working and recover succesfully".  Could this be a manufacturing defect of the GPU? i use driver 17.2.1 and when i try to install 17.3.1 with radeon settings nothing happens.