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    current and previous GPU driver issues - R9 390


      hi people, why aren't new or previous drivers working with my 390? it slows down my system, cannot get on to radeon crimson no matter what i download or do, games lag like hell, i mean you wont reach over 15 fps, videos wont play unless its 144p or less, have you guys suddenly stopped with the 300- series? i have used every damn previous driver.. i need a good reason to stick with AMD! otherwise, i'm going intel and Nvidia. (and don't say ryzen or vega as reasons my hardware should be good enough for now??? please help


      My current specs are:


      CPU: FX 8350 (OC'd to 4.9ghz) being cooled with a corsair h110i GTX

      motherboard: ASUS Crosshair V formula-Z

      RAM: 16GB hyperX fury (4 x 4gb) 1866MHZ

      GPU: Sapphire R9 390 Nitro 8GB at stock due to rubbish manual OC'ing

      PSU: EVGA supernova g2 650w

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          What OS ?

          What amd driver vers. currently installed ?

          And I would drop oc back to stock for troubleshooting.

          Any particular game/s ?

          My 390G1 runs fine.

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            Hello Guys,

            I'm having some issues with my video card as well. I bought a Sapphire R9 390 (backplate) two days ago and besides an occasional faint coil whine, i get extremely low FPS in games. My previous card was a Asus R7 265 - 2GB/256bit, with which i was able to play games like GTA V, War thunder, Dying light, and even Mass Effect Andromeda on fairly decent details, especially War Thunder ( constant 45 - 50 FPS with custom details, most of them on HIGH )

            But with this new card i can't even go beyond 25 FPS in GTA V or 28 in War Thunder. The only one that maintains 40 FPS maxed out is Andromeda.

            I thought that my processor was bottlenecking the gpu, i have the same one as leemc87

            Could you please shine some light on this? I am really frustrated because i paid a pretty penny for this card ( 350$ ) which is more than half my monthly salary, and i don't know what to do.

            My specs are :

            Proc : AMD FX8350  - stock

            RAM : 16 GB Corsair HyperX

            MB : MSI 970 Gaming

            GPU : Sapphire R9 390

            PSU : Sirtec 750W 80+ Bronze

            OS : Windows 10 X64 -  Enterprise


            The CPU is water cooled and i have plenty of case fans, so overheating is not the issue. I also installed the latest driver today.


            Thank you in advance, and Happy Easter