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First,AMD builder since ATI,,2002,still have my first real gamer built in 2004,still use same mouse Logi MX518.

AMD64 FX @2.6//Gigabyte Nforce//2 gig XMS//ATI 850pro.

Last year my graphics card died,XFX 7950,5 years runnin,just about too the date 2.

I made a little note,took a pic,tagged every1 AMD,XFX,tweeted.A higher up in the AMD RADEON Dept seen my tweet.

Hit me back with "I got a card,Ya want it".So a little time passes,I get  email "Ya want a new computer instead"

WELL YEA!!! As my 5 year old FX x6 couldnt really cut it anymore,and a dead card.

So,a week later a Corsair box arrives from AMD in Las Vegas,with a working computer of which follows.

AMD 8370/Wraith,,Gigabyte 970,8 Gskill,470 4 gig,evga 600 P/S,1TB sata,in nice new Corsair Carbide100r.

I am very thankful for my new rig as I am disabled and $$$ is very limited.

So thank you MR Radeon/AMD.