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    GPU fan not turning on


      I've recently purchased an RX 480 and I'm having an issue where the fan won't turn on at times. As you can see from the image below. No RPM value even at 90 C. Last night I also had an issue where no image was being sent to the monitor and was forced to shut down the PC.

      rx 480.jpg

      My current setup -

      ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon Rx 480 8GB

      Intel i5-2500k

      XFX PRO 550W Power Supply

      Latest Crimson Drivers 17.3.1

      Windows 10 Pro

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          What GPU were you using before getting the RX480?

          Did you remove all of the old drivers before installing the new GPU?

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            Did you setup a custom fan curve and/or target temp? Also according to HWmonitor, your card at the time of taking the pic was at 50 degrees, and the max while hwmonitor was on was 90 degrees. So if the fans never started spinning(max fan speed is 0) , how did the card cool down to 50?

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                I setup a custom profile using the software my card came with, Asus GPU Tweak II. I uninstalled the software last night to test if it was causing any kind interference with the fans from turning on. In regards to your question about the hwmonitor showing 50 C at the time pic was taken. As I was making a post here on the forums and saw there was an option to upload an image. I took a screen shot. The screen shot was taken hours after it reached 90 C.