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Crimson ReLive recording quality, v2

Question asked by joleco on Mar 15, 2017

Please AMD,

can you add more options for quality. Like increase 50MBps to 100MBps or something like that? I posted question how to improve my gameplay videos quality before some time.

Here is my 1st video: Unknown vs M'uru Ret PoV - YouTube

Its not bad but you can see - the red text is blurry(its same on my HDD before goes to youtube, without any edit,reformat etc). I want to be almost like ingame if is possible. I tried HEVC today but cant upload it sadly on youtube, need to convert which is bad, maybe it will lower even more quality. I need to switch again to AVC... but on both quality is like no difference.

Dont know why the text is so blurry, I watched other videos of other games and it was more clear.

I love ReLive, dont want to use other software I just need like a little more options for quality.