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    Drivers causing Artifacts


      Card: XFX Amd 480 8gb black edition


      windows 10 64 bit


      Display: Acer (not the issue)

      MB: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0

      Cpu: fx 8350 black edition

      PSU: Rosewill 650wat bronze

      ram: kingston hyperx fury 1866mhz ddr3


      Bought the card back in September worked fine all the way up until now were the every time I install amd drivers I get these black dots that move if i do anything. When I use microsoft basic display drivers there is no issue just cant use multi-monitor or use amd software. When I try to click on wattman to see if something isnt running right amd software crashes. This happen when I am at the desktop. I tried running games but, they do not launch.

      I have tried:

      1. Clean uninstalled all amd drivers

      2. Check the registry (no problems)

      3. Reset bios settings (check make sure it wasnt something funky in it)

      4. changed psi slots.

      5. Changed monitors

      6. Changed inputs tried dvi and hdmi.

      I usually can fix my own problems but, this has drove me crazy.


      P.S Not overheating I keep an eye on my temps because was worried about my cpu. My gpu hasn't got over 70-80C in the past two week so of looking. I can run the logs for HWINFO 64 will post them later. I don't have another pc to test it with but, why would it work on basic drivers and not amd drivers if it was the card itself.