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ASUS DUAL RX480 OC 8GB crash / hang

Question asked by zeboo on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by bjp99

My ASUS DUAL RX480 OC 8GB crashes in every game. I read a lot of articles about it, here's some examples you can find on YouTube:


I tried the followings:

- every WattMan settings (overclocking, underclocking, undervolting, lower GPU and VRAM frequencies, power limit setting, etc)

- OS reinstall

- MB BIOS update

- tons of AMD driver
- change PSU (I have 500W now, tried with 600W 80+ Gold) I have changed my HD 6870 to RX480 and there was no issue with 500W PSU

Only one setup works so far (BF1 is still crashing) : Power Limit - 50 (usually suggest +20 or +50)

My config:

- Win 10 64bit
- Intel i5 3470
- Asus P8B75-M

- 16 GB Kingston RAM

- 1x 64 SSD, 1x128 SDD, 1x 750 HDD
- 500W PSU


Power Limit -50 means less consumption for the video card. I thought 500W PSU is not enough for RX480, but I've tried with a 600W and it's still crashing.
RX480 needs more power than HD6870?


Do you have any suggestion? Thank you very much!