Have the Ryzen Logo, Radeon Logo or AMD Logo on Windows 10 (Legacy BIOS Needed)

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Heya Red Team


If You want to show some love for AMD, I have modified a Windows File that Controls the Windows Boot Logo and changed it to Display either Ryzen, Radeon, or AMD Logos instead of the Windows 10 Logo. Links Below for you to Download. NOTE: I am a Fan of AMD and this is not endorsed by them. Also I will not be responsible if you break your System (which shouldn't happen since it will show no logo)



Before you Begin Check if your BIOS Mode is in Legacy via msinfo32. If it says Legacy, you can do it , if not you can't Sorry


1. Make a Backup of bootres.dll which is located in C:\Windows\Boot\Resources

2. Download the bootres.dll that you want

3. Change Security Settings in Resources so you can Modify It

4. Replace The bootres.dll in Windows with the One you Downloaded

5. Run CMD.exe as Admin and Type bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON and hit Enter

6. Restart PC

7. You see that the Windows 10 Logo is now changed to The one you want.




AMD Logo: bootres.dll - Google Drive

Radeon Logo: bootres.dll - Google Drive

Ryzen Logo: bootres.dll - Google Drive