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    AMD please bring back advanced video settings!!


      why you remove it for a long time now.. since you deliver the crimson and it was disappeared ..

      are you going to bring it back? or we should jump to the green team

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          Hey meshal300,



          If you wish it to return and be included in the Crimson driver package or would like to see an updated version of advanced settings, I highly recommend that you report it to the source, as they take user feedback into account more than you may think. They at some point determined that this was the best route, but that doesn't mean that decision is final. So make a case for it, in a well worded, articulate and pleasant manner and you might possibly sway their decision to include it in some form or another in the future.


          Although the driver team does occasionally frequent these forums, they wouldn't respond here, because this simply isn't the place for such a conversation, as no matter how they would respond, they wouldn't be able to provide definitive statements as to any future plans AMD may or may not have.


          So, take a few minutes and write them at the link below. Who knows, you might just state a case that eventually helps see its return, but without disclosing your discontent that its removal has been detrimental to your overall experience, they'll never know.


          AMD Issue Reporting Form

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