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    R9 Fury X Crossfire GPU Usage dips


      My system:

      i7 6700k @ 4.6ghz

      16GB DDR4

      Win 10 x64

      Sapphire R9 Fury X Crossfire dual gpus


      for the most part crossfire does perform well and i get solid 100% gpu usage and high frame rates.  But it is also common that while playing there will GPU usage dips where it goes from 100% down to 30% - 0% and it causes the frame rate to take a big dive for a second or two.


      Power Efficency has been set to off.


      I am using the latest drivers, I have tried re-installing with DDU and clean express option.


      Does anyone else experience the same symptoms when using crossfire?

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          Power Limit / ULPS / Computer Power plan must be set to "High Performance" > AMD graphics performance

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              all of those already are set

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                  Hey tradio,


                  Could you perhaps be more specific in regards to what titles you are seeing this behavior in? That information would be incredibly helpful, as we may already have data in regards to known issues and how to resolve them if possible. As an example, some issues are simply unoptimized crossfire power delivery problems, which were poorly coded by the developers and then other issues are resolvable.


                  There were even many times that I documented 16GB or less memory and/or memory that operated at lower frequencies being the cause, because the developer programmed their streaming textures in such a way that the frames weren't able to be fed to the card in time, thus creating severe frame timing issues, thus the massive drop in performance. Yet in that same system, but now with 32GB of system ram, the problem was resolved. Sometimes the issue was resolved by increasing your virtual memory paging file in 16GB or less systems.


                  So this must be judged on a case by case basis, but in the least, once you provide the information in regards to which titles are being affected and I provide the a few case scenarios, you'll be better informed as to what to look for and how to resolve it in the future.

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