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start seeing artifacts with new drivers

Question asked by s191417nq on Mar 13, 2017

sapphire R9 390x

win 10 pro


so that's what's happened to me. after installing the newest graphic driver, i started to see artifacts on my screen.  it lasted very shortly, and usually occurred with a sudden screen change, such as the right click menu on desktop. and the artifacts were very much likely to be around the changing area. but sometimes it just happend randomly , any time any where, and it can be screen wide.


this artifacts were always horizontal stripes. sometimes can be intermittent.


eventually i fixed this problem by installing an earlier version driver which published at 7.2016.

(for further testing i installed back the newest driver, and many other versions after 9.2016, same problem happend every time basically. now i can only stick with the version of 7.2016. and im 100% sure the cable, monitor and any other hardwares of my pc is perfectly fine)


an older driver shouldnt be a big problem. but with newer version, the performance of my graphic card can be improved like 7-8% at benchmark. so, yeah, that's why i still want to use those new drivers.


so has any one met the same problem as i did? and is there any way to fix it?