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RX 470 crashes, bugs, problems with updated drivers

Question asked by thiagão84 on Mar 13, 2017

Hi all,


I bought a Powercolor RX470 red dragon v2 and the card only works under win7 64bits and a 16.9.2 version crimsom software, why this happen? I make a lot of tests about amd drivers and different OS, all others OS version and AMD drivers dont work, all games crashes, I try a clean install win 10, 8.1, win7 with all updated drivers and all games crashes, black screens, directx errors... running benchmarks like heaven unigine valley 4.0, 3D mark, dont happen any issues. With a win7 64 bits and a 16.9.2 amd driver all games run perfectly for hours on ultra settings without any problem with a 5% overclock in wattman, why? sorry for english and thank you all


obs: All systems and drivers used in tests, resulting in crashes, are updated for latest version, card works only win7 with 16.9.2 amd driver




i5 4440

8gb ram ddr3

asus motherboard

500w c3TECH PSU


Thank you!!