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    Problem with Crossfire R9 280X and HD7950


      Hi, i hope i can find help.


      My problem is when i try to crossfire my R9 280x with a HD7950. If no display driver is install, the PC can boot on windows 10 and i can see both card

      in devices manager. But if i install any drivers (crimson or catalyst) the pc freeze when "install Display Driver" and i have to shut down the computer.


      After reboot, the pc load windows and when it enter my session the screen goes black.

      So, i think it's definitly a driver issue but if anyone have the same configuration and was able to get it to work.



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          We've not had any similar reports, so it could be an issue limited to your system.


          Have you tried removing one GPU and installing the drivers to see if that works and the freeze is avoided? If so, you could then power the system off and attach the second GPU. You might want to test both GPUs individually to see if one is faulty.