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    FX 8350 fraud???


      I don't know if this is the appropriate channel to report a possible fraud

      and to be honest I don't even know for sure if there is a fraud going on but since is your AMD product

      I feel like you should know what is going on..!!!

      OK . I know that AM4 was released and I was surfing around in Amazon.com

      to check  the prices of the old FX processors

      and I find that few sellers sell the FX 8350 around $60 dollars

      I didn't even consider the possibility of a fraud since I'm Amazon member since 2006

      and I never had any problems so I order a FX 8350  for $58 dollars

      and then I friend of mine told me that there is a Chinese counterfeit FX 8350 around on the market

      so I should be careful ..!!

      after that bad news I was thinking to cancel my order but I decide to actually see what that seller send me

      I can always send the CPU back to Amazon and ask my money back

      now the question ;do you guys can confirm that is possible to get a FX 8350 for $60 dollars

      since the new AMD processor is been released is pretty logic that the prices of the old FX are dropping like that or after 10 years I buy from Amazon I finally I got scammed?

      here some pictures of current sellers who sell the FX 8350 around the price I mention



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          It's a $130 processor being sold for $58 by users without any seller history, what do you think? More than likely these are used chips being put into retail boxes rather than full fakes, and shouldn't be bought.

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            Yeah report this person who sold you it.There is an option in there that could allow you to get your money back.Mind you you may have to send the product back.

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              I've been a prime member for 5 years and I ordered a Ryzen 1700 for $315 showed shipped and was sent to a different state and never got the item from the seller with no feedback. I used Amazon A-Z claim to get my money back. There is an influx of new scammers on Amazon and it's starting to be just like Ebay. If it looks to good to be true more than likely it is and steer clear. First time ever been scammed on Amazon.

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                Agree with BZ they're probably used. It's pretty hard to wreck a cpu so you might get lucky.

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                    In this day when the IHS is soldered to the chip it is. Back in the Athlon XP days when the chips were still bare there were ways to really monkey with chips, such as drawing lines with a pencil between certain components and cutting other things...

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                    I think its only fair to mention i have had this problem on both Newegg and Amazon when ordering anything below 5 dollars.Scammers are more often found there.This however is no excuse.Report them.Amazon has strict policies on actions like this.

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                      well thanks guys for your feedback

                      I'm going back to my local electronic stores :-)

                      no more online stores for me

                      at the time I write this down I already requested to amazon to close my account

                      I just can't trust them anymore

                      because my last computer build was a true nightmare with amazon

                      basically 85% of the computer parts I order from them

                      I had send those parts back and ask for a replacement or a refund

                      it's not fun when you buy new computer parts and instead you get a defective one or a used one

                      I can understand some time can happen but it happen 6 times with 6 different orders for my new computer build

                      I was even consider the water cooling solution for my new build but I'm terrified to even consider to buy that from Amazon

                      because I'm 99% sure that I will get a defective or used CPU water cooler that will probably screw everything up..!!

                      in the end I don't think Amazon really care about the quality and real condition of what they sell

                      and my latest discovery about Amazon that basically allow third party sellers to scam amazon customers it was the so called breaking point for me

                      I still need to buy a video card to finish my build

                      and I'm going to finish this new computer build "nightmare" thanks to Amazon

                      just by walking into a real store at least I can see what I buy

                      stay away from online stores unless you're ready to deal with a lot frustrations

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                        They are still at it. Are any of them legitimate?