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FX 8350 fraud???

Question asked by conradarizona on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by black_zion

I don't know if this is the appropriate channel to report a possible fraud

and to be honest I don't even know for sure if there is a fraud going on but since is your AMD product

I feel like you should know what is going on..!!!

OK . I know that AM4 was released and I was surfing around in

to check  the prices of the old FX processors

and I find that few sellers sell the FX 8350 around $60 dollars

I didn't even consider the possibility of a fraud since I'm Amazon member since 2006

and I never had any problems so I order a FX 8350  for $58 dollars

and then I friend of mine told me that there is a Chinese counterfeit FX 8350 around on the market

so I should be careful ..!!

after that bad news I was thinking to cancel my order but I decide to actually see what that seller send me

I can always send the CPU back to Amazon and ask my money back

now the question ;do you guys can confirm that is possible to get a FX 8350 for $60 dollars

since the new AMD processor is been released is pretty logic that the prices of the old FX are dropping like that or after 10 years I buy from Amazon I finally I got scammed?

here some pictures of current sellers who sell the FX 8350 around the price I mention