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    Rx470 - no vulkan API


      Hi, I recently bought a XFX Rx470 4Gb and i'm having issues running any game using the Vulkan API.

      Here are my PC specs:


           Case + Motherboard: Shuttle sh67h3

           RAM: Corsair 2x8gb DDR3

           CPU: Intel Core i5-3470T

           HDD: M4-CT128M4SSD3

           OS: Windows 10 Pro x64


      I'm currently using Relive 17.2.1 drivers, and tried uninstalling the drivers with DDU to rollback to 16.9.1 and nothing changed.

      There's no information available regarding Vulkan in Radeon Settings:


      When running the vulkaninfo.exe it get the following messages:


      Thank you in advance for any suggestions that might help me.

        • Re: Rx470 - no vulkan API

          Ok so after uninstalling the drivers with DDU and installing the drivers provided with the rx470 (16.7.X) Vulkan was working properly. Then I installed the 17.2.1 drivers and had to completely shut down, not restart, my PC in order to have Vulkan working.

          However it seems that the 17.2.1 drivers don't work well with Doom using the Vulkan API but tested with PPSSPP and everything went well. Just have to wait and see if a fix will be provided for Doom.