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    Confusion on Crossfire (R9 380x2)


      So I have two R9 380's, the ones MSI makes.


      I was confused when I installed them at first but from what I found you no longer need the crossfire cable between them. I have an Asus Crosshair V Formula 2 Motherboard.


      However in the Crimson control panel I don't see anything related to crossfire unless I go to a specific games profile, if I go to preferences and additional settings to open the old catalyst control center there is also no crossfire option. This leads me to believe that crossfire is not being enabled on my PC.


      I did the clean uninstall and re-install of crimson and the same thing is happening. Are there additional drivers I need to install or does crimson take care of that? In Device manager it does show and recognize two R9 380's listed under display adapters.