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Installed latest driver for an RX480 and now my PC just reboots

Question asked by riker on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by ibanggpu

Bought the card 2 days ago. 2 days of struggle getting this working (had to switch back to my 270X for the time being).

So basically when I don't have the drivers installed it just runs as microsoft basic display adapter. However, it's choppy as hell and if I try to install the latest drivers, once it gets to where the screen flashes off and back on again, it takes sooo long because of the choppiness that it just reboots. This is followed by constant rebooting once the Windows logo disappears. Even the driver from the installation disc doesnt work. Same old reboot/Windows Repair

If i put my 270X back in theres no issues


Managed to get it running yesterday, GPU-Z showed the card etc. Switched on tonight and back to rebooting


My system is as follows:

MSI R9 270X Twin Frozr

FX-8300 BE





I've read conflicting arguments on this card requiring UEFI BIOS, something my board does not support. BIOS affecting GPU seems a bit weird to me, so I dont know what to believe.

Have I got a faulty card?

Is any of my above components not up to snuff for the card?

UEFI required?


Anything involving driver installation with the card in the system seems to be a no-go for me