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    Radeon r9 200 series not displaying anything


      When I turn on my PC with my monitor plugged into the GPU it comes up with all the main pre-login screen stuff and then it cuts off and goes black.

      I've tried

      • Running it with the auto driver finder - didn't work, same issue
      • Running it with only the drivers installed from the device manager
      • Running it with the 64bit windows 10 drivers
      • Having one monitor plugged into the GPU and the other into the integrated graphics (ends in blue screen from what I've found)

      When I had the AMD catalyst program installed the program wouldn't open and it'd give me an error message something on the lines of "can't find connected AMD hardware" which I know is plugged in correctly and noticed by the computer.

      I need to find the correct drivers that'll allow my GPU to work properly.


      GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

      CPU: Intel i7 4790k

      RAM: 24GB DDR3

      HDD: 500GB

      Monitor (1): BenQ GL2450 Monitor (2): Hanns-g HG101A