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again a problem with the drivers that you change the code ????

Question asked by zerr10 on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by seil0

17.2.1, 17.3.1Drivers bug.jpg


They cause problems with applications such as emulator cemu 1.7.2

in earlier versions of driver errors do not arise and now one of the game works, Amend other not to please because they are serious errors do not know what you change the code, but it can not be. such errors s hard not to notice you have no idea how many questions in other forums regarding this error is not the fault of the emulator only drivers only. pls fix this once only application Newborn me generated log here it may help you in the end the mistakes had already begun to version 17.2.1, 17.3.1, earlier versions of the work I know because I checked the version 16.12.2
some troubling these errors are because the cause that one game to start normally and the other simply jams, crash, for example mario kart 8 simply does not work on recent versions of your drivers, you can only see the logo and so on without end.

Here you log me with your latest version of the drivers generated application cemu can you help



This time it was hard to find this error driver because the application is running but the game is not all run properly as I said, for example, on the last drivers mario kart 8 showed only a logo and you were so stare endlessly .... in addition, these drivers provide such a kick that even the i7 6700 had trouble to open the task manager to close the applications because it is trimmed, she crashes .. I do not know what may cause such jamming applications that even the i7 has a problem ... naprawcie these drivers before spalom my computer for 3k