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Question asked by pilothound on Mar 11, 2017

Hey guys, really need some assistance as I have just purchased a AMD Radeon pro duo card and computer for an up and coming flight sim I'm building.

It has x3 DP outlets and X1 HDMI...

the problem I have is that it will not display four displays at one time. I have x3 projectors connected via DP-HDMI adapters and thats all good and works fine but when I plug the 4th cable HDMI directly into the HDMI port for my internal touchscreen cockpit screen ONE projector signal cuts out and then the connect reconnect sound repeats for ever from the computer. If I remove HMDI the projector reconnects all x3 are sweet but I want to utilise the 4th.


some forums have mentioned MST hub but I thought if there's x4 outputs x4 should be all good?


any ideas as I'm struggling ?? Thank you